This webpage was made by the mom of a child who attend Wawasi from age 2.5 to 5.  During her time there, her daughter got such loving care that she was inspired to make this webpage to thank Roxy, Yureny and Lulu for their wonderful care.

Some testimonials from Wawasi parents:

“Our daughter tells me at breakfast on some mornings that she is looking forward to Wawasi: “Today is music” or “Today is yoga”, because she is so happy to be going to school. (And we are happy to know that she gets a warm second breakfast at Wawasi for the days when breakfast doesn’t happen at home!)  She says with pride that she could be my guide if we go to Mexico or Peru – the teachers mostly speak to the kids in Spanish, though they focus more on the loving environment than the language. Most importantly, there seems to be a real bond that’s developed between our daughter and her caregivers that will outlast her experience here.”

– Bryce, dad to Nilsa (age 5)

“Wawasi was the most nourishing, cheerful, and enriching place for our son. He was greeted each day by Roxana and her warm and attentive staff, who always had creative activities planned in their sunny, calm, and organized space. Our son was always happy and content when we picked him up – well fed, well played, and well loved. We couldn’t be more grateful for Wawasi!”

-mom of a 3-year old

“We are so grateful our daughter attends Wawasi! The teachers are amazing – consistent, creative, and loving. They provide our daughter with the right amount of direction and independence, stimulation and downtime. We love the monthly educational themes, all the art, and that our daughter is exposed to Spanish, music, and yoga. We also are thrilled that every day she eats nutritious, organic, home-cooked meals, and that every day she plays in the beautiful yard outside. We appreciate Wawasi’s small size, and that our daughter has formed long-lasting friendships with children of different ages. Wawasi is truly like a second home for her, and she finds it loving, comfortable, and fun!”

-Alicia, mom to Sofia

“Our daughter has been attending Wawasi for the past 6 months. We couldn’t be happier with the overall experience. The teachers are professional, loving, and always willing to talk about your child’s day or discuss anything that might concern you about your little one. Our daughter bonded with them almost immediately. In this short time, she has learned about different topics such as recycling, water conservation, species of animals, parts of the body, and special holidays. Music and physical activity are also a big part of their day at the center. We love Wawasi and highly recommend it!”

-Yanina, mom to Olivia (Age 23 months)

“In less than a year, we have been amazed to see all the positive growth our son has made at Wawasi. He absolutely loves his teachers and his friends and loves talking about the things they have been learning through all their activities. We especially love the special programs of music and yoga, small school size, and mixed ages. We love to see the kids interact so sweetly during pick-up and drop off, and feel so grateful to have found such a rich and loving environment for our son. Roxana and her teachers really foster a loving and open community for the little ones to flourish.”

-Maureen, mom to Ilan, age 2 1/2