At Wawasi, children are encouraged to do art, play outside, and have fun!

Enrichment: Everyday starts with a morning circle talking about the weather, day of the week, date of the month, etc. Throughout the day, children are exposed to letters, and eventually introduced to writing and reading as appropriate for their age.  Our curriculum varies throughout the year depending on the interests of the children, with themes like weather, animals, the human body,  the environment or whatever the children choose!


Yoga and Music:   In addition to singing each morning, a yoga and music teachers both come to the class two times a week to engage children in moving their bodies and music!


Meals & Snacks:  Your child will be fed a homemade breakfast and lunch, as well as morning and afternoon snacks.  Each family takes turns providing the snack for the week (about once every 3 months).  We use organic ingredients as often as possible. We do not serve milk to the children, but we provide cheese and yogurt, and calcium in the daily smoothie (flax seeds, almond milk, coconut milk, and a mix of organic greens and organic frozen berries.)  Wawasi is NOT a nut-free environment, but let us know if you have special dietary needs.


Naps: There is a naptime every afternoon.  Children who do not nap have quiet time to rest, then quiet activities.

Walking trips: We like to take the children on walking trips to the park, library, or just around the neighborhood. And, we aren’t afraid of getting wet if it rains!


Field trips: About once or twice a year, we do a field trip, such as to visit a retirement home in with the music teacher or Little Farm in Tilden.


Community:  We have family gatherings two or three times a year.  For example, in the fall, we may have a special pumpkin-carving evening, or a celebration of light and the winter solstice. In the spring we have a weekend brunch to celebrate all of our families.


These special family gatherings include the kids performing for their parents.

Diapers and Potty Training: Wawasi accepts children that are using diapers, potty-training, and fully potty-trained.   Teachers will help with the potty training process after discussing with parents.