Wawasi means baby in Quechua, which is a native dialect from the Peruvian Sierras.

Your child’s experience at Wawasi will be filled with nurturing, respect and positivity. Wawasi offers part-time or full-time care for children 18 months to 5 years in a stimulating and loving environment with an emphasis on learning.

Our energetic program is bilingual, so don’t be surprised if your child comes home speaking Spanish to you! The days at Wawasi are filled with art, singing, dancing, gardening, music lessons and playtime in our large backyard playground.

When there is conflict between children, teachers facilitate a fair resolution to their differences though positive negotiation and an understanding of each other’s perspectives.

Wawasi is an inclusive school. All children are treated equally regardless of ability, race, nationality, sexuality, religion, gender identity, etc.

Our goal for every child is for them to learn authenticity, resilience and respect for one another.

For more information about Wawasi, contact us!

Roxana Ferreira, Director
(510) 499-1042
1016 Cornell Avenue, Albany, CA 94706